The Parts of a Home Security Camera and Alarm System


Designing a complete home security camera and alarm system can be a complex undertaking. Many homeowners discover how much easier it is to allow professionals to take the task in hand. But you cannot be confident about the protection your system is going to provide you with unless you understand the various elements of that system for yourself. Which is why any wise homeowner will make sure they understand for themselves the basic parts of a great home security system. In this article we’ll discuss motion sensors, glass break sensors, the alarm devices and of course security cameras and DVRs.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are incredible little devices that are fitted to practically every single home security system package you can find these days. With the ability to identify motion up to a certain distance and range you can use multiple sensors at different points in your home to create coverage for the entire area. PIR or passive infrared sensors can feel the radiation emitted from a human body and this creates an electric pulse, which sets off an alarm in your home. Some smart motion detectors are capable of telling the difference between a pet and a human so that you don’t get false alarms, Infrared motion sensor 466282673but most generic sensors will need to be placed so that your pets don’t fall within their range of sensing.

Glass Break Sensors

These nifty sensors can actually “hear” the sound of breaking glass, which can catch a burglar on entry. Though in the past these devices were really easily fooled and tripped for anything as ridiculous as a sneeze, Honeywell devices have been improved so much that they are very accurate now and listen for not only the glass breaking, but the “thud” of force. Place these in rooms with large windows that might be used as access points and you’ll enhance your coverage.


You can choose between “bells-only” alarms and monitored alarms. “Bells-only” alarms are alarms that do not contact a monitoring service or response team directly, but simply emit the audible warning bells that will hopefully be heard by someone who can take action. Monitored alarms684720_52805410 or speech dialers will send an alarm notification to a conscious human who can alert the proper responders or yourself. If you live in a neighborhood with a sense of camaraderie and familiarity where you know you have someone looking out for you, then bells-only might work. But if not, monitored systems are best. Especially since you can self monitor with new phone monitoring apps.

Camera and DVR Surveillance Systems

Finally, for those homeowners who are really fully attentive to their home and its protection, one of the best elements of security you can add to your security design is a surveillance system. Home security camera and DVR systems are the good old-fashioned surveillance recording systems that have a long standing tradition of success. What’s new and improved about DVR camera systems is the quality of footage you can display and save for reference. New camera systems can broadcast and record at 1080p making facial ID and license plate recognition a sure bet. With cameras placed around the interior and exterior of the home and connected to remote access applications on your phone you can check in on loved ones or respond to alerts from your motion activated cameras and take action to protect your home from intruders.