Reasons People Consider Home Security Camera DIY installation

These days the hype is all about DIYing your home, we even see it in home security camera DIY systems. While doing-things-yourself is perhaps empowering, is it really the best option you have for your family? Though DIY can provide you with cuter cabinets and a customized bathroom it’s important to address the reasons people say that DIY security installation is great for you and determine how accurate their reasons really are before jumping in blindly.

Delivery man ringing doorbell 177015974Reason #1- Economical

Many people claim that it is incredibly economical to build your home security system yourself. This is a statement that is contingent upon many variables. For instance, while it’s true that often you can find pieces on discount when buying them from eBay, Amazon or Home Depot this is not always the case. Unless you are devoted to spending hours of your time searching for the right pieces and providers of equipment many people can’t be sure they’re getting quality, or prices that are actually competitive. Additionally you might not be spending money to have a professional install the system, but as they say “time is money”. It is important to weigh the opportunity cost of actually doing the installation yourself. Chances are it will take you far longer to complete the installation and get the system hooked up, than it would for a professional to do it. So ask yourself, how much is your time worth?

Reason #2- Education

Hey, if you do it yourself you’ll be way more aware of how the system works! Or at least that’s what some people will try to tell you. This is only true if you’re the kind of DIYer who doesn’t just want to be a renaissance man. 1257832_97691437If you really want to educate yourself in the details of how a security system functions and smart security system placement works then good for you! But truth is, often the more you learn the more you realize having professional help will benefit you. Of course, at the same time, we’re definitely advocates for being fully educated about how security systems work and what you should expect from yours.

Reason #3- You’ll Feel Great About Yourself

This reason must come from the handbooks of motivational self-help speakers, because making a decision like the safety of your family based off the need to feel better about yourself is kind of silly. Would you rather feel good because you screwed a camera into place on the roof, or feel the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is covered by a security system an professional technicians monitoring that system 24 hours a day?

Couple enjoying coffee 126475073Whether the reasons are cost, familiarity with the product, or self-empowerment it’s surprising to find how shallow most of the reasons to DIY your home security are. If you wouldn’t trust your dental work to your wife or your surgery to your neighbor the accountant, why would you trust your home security to yourself? The best option of all of them is to blend DIY and professional installation and maintenance. It’s smart to understand how security works so that you can challenge your provider to give you expert service. Don’t settle for your own inexperience, rise above that and enjoy the best of both worlds.