Fully Connected to Your Home’s Security Camera

Home security used to be a matter of getting your home rigged up with a number of bulky devices and home security cameras. Using security interfaces to control the systems could be very difficult, and many people would forget to arm their systems or quit using them due to the inconvenience. These days home security is not only a much more streamlined process, but it has become improved vastly for your convenience. Homeowners can enjoy all the benefits of full coverage from motion-activated cameras and the integration of remote home monitoring systems. If you’re wondering about getting a home security system, don’t settle for anything that won’t allow you remote access!

What Remote Access Can Do For You

Stating the obvious here, but remote access to your home monitoring system is your secret pass to keep an eye on your home from a distance. What made the old security systems a nuisance was the necessity to turn it on and the trouble of turning it off. 136169892-home-automationWith mobile access so many new handy things are possible. For example, you can have your home security camera email pictures to your phone when their motion detection sensors are tripped. This means while you’re at work you can still look through your front window to see what was going on outside.

Remote access allows you to check up on the kids when they get home from school, and watch over them while they play. With remote accessibility your home is never far out of your reach, which makes for much greater peace of mind.

You know what else you can do from a distance, turn the system on or off! Unlike the old days where you might spend all day at work worrying that you forgot to arm the system, with app integration into your security system you can simply swipe into a program and press the “ARM” button. No more days of worry, you’re covered at all times. Plus if a friend calls to say their in town, or someone wants to pick up an item from your house you can disarm the system while they do their business and rearm it as they leave. Talk about convenient!

Features You Can Find In Remote Access

What all can your nifty remote access app do? Here are some of the common features of a security system integration app:

  • 89792373Live feed viewing: most apps will allow you to check in on the various cameras you have positioned around the house. You can watch the dog playing in the kennel, the kids in the living room and check out the package left by the UPS man.
  • View Recorded Video: Take a gander at footage from early in the morning at your front stoop while you lay on the beach in the afternoon. If your phone says something was up, you can check in and watch it.
  • Receive emails: A camera with motion detection can send you images in text or email form when sense movement in their field of view.
  • Control Home Automation: Your home automation system can even integrate thermostat control, lighting controls, and front door lock or unlocking. From far away, at the push of a button you can make sure your home is ready for the family to return.

Home security camera apps are incredibly convenient, and appreciated by most homeowners today.