Basic Guide to Home Security Cameras

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For Atlanta homeowners property crime rates hover around 60 crimes per 1000 residents, which is just ONE of the reasons setting up home security cameras is a smart thing to do. When it comes to protecting your home, family and property you can’t always count on the police to resolve things. Mostly because police rarely have a hand in preventing crime and must work after the fact. If you want to prevent burglary and crime from happening to you it is important to set up a system that can both deter criminals as well as respond immediately DURING crime. For any homeowner understanding your home security cameras basics will be the key to setting up a security system that will not only be convenient, but will do its job well. Let’s discuss the basic options of a home security camera system so that you can know where to begin the search for the best system for you.

Cheap or Expensive

There are pretty much 3 kinds of security systems on the market these days, your analog systems, your wireless IP systems and your HD-SDI systems. These three systems utilize different technologies for broadcasting and information storage and run the gamut from inexpensive to expensive devices.

  • Analog: The cheapest of security camera systems will probably be analog systems.  These systems broadcast in TVL, or television resolution. While some variations of these systems are “wireless” most are going to be wired and a bit bulkier than your other systems.
  • Wireless IP: These systems will range from moderate to expensive in cost, especially since they most often require a professional installation to make sure the network is synced properly. Using a cat5 line, megapixel resolutions and digital broadcasting the image provided by wireless systems can be very good. They are versatile wireless systems, allowing for a much broader spectrum of field of view options.
  • HD-SDI: These systems are top-of-the-line, best on the market, brand new systems. They utilize wireless technology and broadcast AND record at 1080p. The good news is, these systems tend to be the middle ground of cost between analog and wireless IP systems. Though they require a substantial amount of space for recorded footage.

Types of Cameras

When it comes to choosing the cameras that will provide the best coverage for your home NEVER settle for one camera hooked up to the home computer. Coverage means surveillance that will COVER the vulnerable access points in the home. You can place cameras both inside and outside and create a small network of cameras for very reasonable prices. Bullet cameras (outdoor), dome cameras (outdoor/indoor), IP cameras, hidden cameras (indoor), and PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras are all useful cameras that can be integrated into your home security system.

Camera Features

There are specific features you should look for in your cameras.827585_75890335

  • Focal length: Cameras with FIXED focal lengths are constrained in their field of view to an immovable frame of vision, which means they can’t be placed just anywhere if you want to get your coverage, though they can be cheaper. Cameras with varifocal lenses or PTZ cameras can be manipulated while broadcasting so that you can change perspective, zoom in and focus on specific points of interest.
  • Infrared or Night Vision: It is important to make sure that your camera has the ability to provide clear footage even in low lighting. Infrared cameras will switch over in low light and continue streaming a useful image.
  • High Resolution: If you can afford it, look for cameras that will provide a high quality image, or an image with as much useful information as possible.
  • Motion-activated, remote access: Finally hooking your system up to your phone is one of the best features out there. With cameras that can intelligently notify you of movement around your home you can keep an eye on things and people that matter to you, even while you’re away.

If you want to create a solid security system for your home take time to learn more about each of these elements that seem important to you and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a great security system.